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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday's Training:
Weight: 230.5 lbs.
Morning Run: 4.5 miles Intervals
Afternoon Run: 2.5 miles @ 9:07
Strength Training: none

Weekly run total: 21 miles

Last Week's Total: 57 miles
This morning's weight: 228 lbs.


antgirl said...

Your stats are impressive. You must go through a lot of running shoes. :)

Ben said...

That afternoon run of 2.5 miles in 9:07 is a remarkable effort, especially considering your target weight is 190. Ask an athlete to do the same time carrying a 40 pound weight and they'd struggle. Keep it up! :)

Half Man said...

Antgirl-I can't afford to go through running shoes too often. My first pair of running shoes from a running store was $100. I bought those last August. They gave me blisters, but I assumed that the needed to be broken in. Later, I discovered that good running shoes aren't supposed to have a breaking in period and I should have taken them back right away. In September, I went to different store were they fitted me correctly. I need stability shoes with a big toe box. I just bought another pair in preparation for the marathon. So, I bought 3 shoes in the last year, but I have really only gone through one pair. I keep the other pair for running in the rain.

Ben-Thanks for the compliment. Yesterday, I ran 2 miles @ 8:36

Nurse Triage said...

Going great guns dude...all the best.Enjoy your fit and healthy life.

Medical Billing Software said...

Running is also difficult in the sense it needs a lot of stamina...great going and thanks for helping us with your experience.

Paul D said...

keep up the running easier probably now cause of dieting good and your a lot more fit!