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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Don't Fear Christmas

Sorry that I have had so little time to blog lately. I do miss it. I will catch you up after the New Year. Right now, I have a few thoughts about Christmas and living a healthy lifestyle.

Not only is this time of the year filled with all sorts of unhealthy foods, but everyone is encouraged and expected to indulge again and again. Now, I don't ban any foods. I don't tell myself that I can't have this or that. I do indulge now and then. However, the atmosphere this time of the year produces an dull itchy sensation in the veins in my forearms. I feel the need to nosh on every cookie, candy, mixed drink, nuts, chocolate goody that comes my way. At times, the urge seems overwhelming. A voice tells me that I have done so well, it will be okay. I exercise a lot. I will burn the calories. Besides, you can make up for it after New Year's.

I believe the cravings to be psychological. Any physical cravings are the result of my psychological weakness. Therefore, I am challenging myself to live and eat health during the Christmas season instead of fearing it. I will not simply try to minimize the damage or give in until January. I plan to use the following psychological tactics to fight my psychological shortcomings:

1) Remind myself that if I don't eat or drink that sumptuous treat even if it only appears once a year, my head will not explode; I will not die; the earth will still rotate and spin; my life will not be diminished; the party/dinner/family time will not be ruined.

2) Remind myself that a treat for my body is to eat healthy and in moderation. Overindulging leaves my body tired, uncomfortable, and cranky. Eating healthy fuels my body to do what needs to be done, to train, and to feel good physically.

3) Remind myself to respect myself. Giving over to abandon shows that I have little respect for myself. Why should anyone else respect me if I don't respect myself. I am worth treating my body with special care.

4) My happiness and joy are not defined by the foods I eat, but by who God has made me. I don't need to eat that Christmas cookie in order to enjoy myself.

5) My children watch and learn from everything I do. What do I want to teach them about food and holidays?

6) I will not fear the temptations of Christmas, but embrace the challenge of eating healthy and exercising.

This is my plan. Unfortunately, I did not start the month out with this in mind, but it is never too late.

One final thought: There are plenty of Christmas specials that decry the greed associated with Christmas. What about the gluttony associated with Christmas? I think we can decry that too. Celebrating Christmas is not about gifts, nor is it about cookies, cakes, mixed drinks, eggnog, stollen, chocolates, etc... Don't fear them! Christmas is simply about the birth of Jesus to a poor family. Somehow, I think his birth can be celebrated without over-indulging ourselves.

Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends and a happy, healthy New Year!

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