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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Yesterday's Training:
Weight: 227.5 lbs.
Run: 4.5 miles Intervals, morning
Run: 4.5 miles @ 9:30 pace, Early Evening, Very Tired
Strength Training: Abs 30 min. evening

Weekly run total: 27 miles

Last Week's Total: 42.3 miles
This morning's weight: 229 lbs.

I was sleepy all day yesterday. I don't think I am getting enough sleep.


R said...

Just reading through your blog. Found you on Meps! Love your dedication, looks like you are the right path! Kudo's to your lifestyle change & keep up the good work!


antgirl said...

Your running is inspirational! Kudos on the dedication.

Fat[free]Me said...

Well done - if you get tired like that, do you take a day off to recuperate, or run through it?

You are doing extremely well - just over three weeks - yay!

Half Man said...

Thank you for checking out my blog and the nice comments

Paul D said...

love your dedication! just diet right and you will go all the way! way to chose a fit lifestyle!