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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daily Report on Marathon Training M-31

I decided to write down what I was doing each day until the marathon for my own benefit.

Yesterday's Training:
Calories In: 2000
Weight: 232 lbs.
Weight Training: Chest and Legs 45 min. Morning
Run: 6 mile run @ 10 min. pace (cold, rainy, windy)Morning
Run: 3 mile run @ 11-12 min pace (indoors training kids) Evening
Weekly run total: 9 miles

Last Week's Total: 37 miles
This morning's weight: 231.5 lbs.


shelese said...

Are you trying to finish the marathon with a certain time?

Sayre said...

Oh, I like this!!! I will follow avidly - and perhaps use it as a blueprint for my own training. So, how did you feel after two shorter runs as opposed to a day when you do one longer run???

Half Man said...

shelese - I want to qualify for Boston, but since I live in the real world, my goal is to finish. Realistically, I am shooting to do it in under 5 hours.

Sayre - Actually, that was not in place of my longer run which I usually do on Fridays or Saturdays depending on my schedule. That being said, I felt pretty good Monday night. As far as blueprints go, they have some very good ones at the runner's world website which are based on your goals. BTW, this is just the final month of my training. My official training for this marathon started back in January.

Chris D said...

great story! love it! keep staying fit hope you reach your goal! and remember diet right!