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Monday, March 12, 2007

Week 6 Weigh-In

Today the scale read 352.8 lbs. I lost 4.8 lbs. this week. I believe cutting out the nuts and all the exercise is working out. Now if I lose at least 2.8 lbs., it will be time for another disgusting picture.

Despite the stress and emotional anguish I have felt from my job situation, I have enjoyed feeling energetic at times. I have not felt energetic in a long time. Even though, it is not constant, it feels great. I am happy I started living a fit lifestyle. Seeing the difficulty I have had in my life lately, I dread to think how much worse I would have handled it. I also wish I had done this sooner because I would be able to handle this much better.

This is the beginning of another great fitness week. I know I will not be losing that much weight every week. In fact, that much weight loss will become rare if existent at all in the future. The point is that I am becoming more fit each day.

I did not put whether or not I met my goal for this week. I am sure I met my goal, but honestly, I do not remember what it is. I have it my journal in my office. When I realized that I did not know my target, I thought that I was being lazy. How could I not know my goal? Then, I changed my mind. I reminded myself that my ultimate goal is not weight loss, but fitness.

Don't get me wrong. I still want to see lots of weight loss. I want to lose it all tomorrow. So I keep reminding myself that fitness is my goal which inlcudes weight loss at this point. It seems like a psychological game at this point, but I hope it will eventually sink in.

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