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Friday, March 23, 2007

Bubba & Goonies

If there is one thing I hate, it is shopping for clothes. "Bubba & Goonies" is my nickname for "Big & Tall." I hate going to that section in a store. What is really embarrassing is that I got to the point where the clothes there were not big enough. Talk about depressing. I had to start shopping at specialty stores.

Last year, my mother passed away, and I needed to get a sports coat for the funeral (No time for a suit to get tailored). Well, the Bubba & Goonies store didn't have anything dignified in my size. They recommended another store which specialized in suits and sports coats and such. I bought a nice looking one there, but it was the largest size they had in stock. Honestly, it was still a little tight. Each store I went into, I made my family wait in the car. I did not want to be humiliated in front of them. The whole experience was quite demeaning.

I started to order clothes through a catalog, but of course, you don't get to try them on before you buy them. I found that the most affordable clothing were low in quality, and the clothing wore out too quickly.

I even hate the fact that mailperson sees that I get the catalog in the mail.

Speaking of those catalogs, how come none of the models are fat? They are big, like football player big, but not fat. I would rather see what the clothes look like on a fat person. I have no delusions that I will look like the football player if I buy those clothes.

For now, I am looking forward to the day when I can go into a regular clothing store and buy clothes that fit from the regular section. I want to buy a couple of nice suits. I want to buy a few nice pairs of jeans. I have not worn jeans in years. Perhaps by the one year mark January 28, 2008, I will be able to. Whether or not I do, I will continue to live a fit lifestyle.

I need to come up with some sort of motto for myself. I will have to put some thought into it.

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