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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2nd Day of Spring


It's warmer here, but that means it's in the 40's rather than the 30's. My ear is still killing me. This ear infection really stinks! I haven't been able to keep my exercise routine this week because of it. I am in pain most of the time. I never had an ear infection until last summer. That one was painful too, but I don't remember it lasting as long.

On the good side, my eating habits have been good. If anything, I have eaten less. I only skipped a couple of meals because of the pain. I have not thrown myself into comforts foods or anything which is so easy to do when you feel miserable. But then again, I have not been tempted. The pain is a real appetite buster. I have made sure that I do eat even when I don't feel like it. I know my body needs the fuel and nutrients to fight the infection.

I am just frustrated that the progress I was making is going to be stalled by this infection. I am very determined to get back in my exercise routine, but I am also concerned about what the scale will read next Monday. Yesterday, I maintained. I didn't weigh today. But what really counts is Mondays anyhow. Well, I am going to stick to my new lifestyle despite this minor set back.


Josh said...

I used to get ear infections too. Thank the lord those are over. No one can even begin to imagine the pain if they haven't experienced it. In fact, I'd prefer not to be thinking about it right now. I'll give you a little trick I picked up which is gross, but effective pain relief.

Lie on your side, and hold an ice cube between your fingers so it melts. Yes, I'm suggesting you let this freezing cold water drip inside your ear. A few drops, drain, a few more, drain, and so on. Like an ice bag for the inside.

As far as weight loss, I lost my first 50 before I did any exercise. Truth be told, it's ~75% diet. Don't fret over one week. You're doing great. Slow and steady wins the race.

One last thing. Got to a good supplement store, not GNC, and get some probiotics to restore the good bacteria in your system. Antibiotics kill everything, and you need enzymes to digest food well. If you have a Kroger, Fred Meyer or Fry's, they have really good low carb yogurt that would also help, and is wonderful "diet" food.

..and I'm spent.

AlcuinBede said...

Thanks for you encouragement and advice. Things are going better as you will see in my next post.