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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Feeling Down

Yesterday and today I have been feeling a bit down. It's not that I virtually lost no weight last week. I am still motivated, excited, and happy about living a fit lifestyle. I think it has to do with everything else going on in my life which I mentioned a bit in a previous post.

So far, I have done just a bit all I can do as far as planning for the future, but I feel like I am in limbo. Patience...or at least waiting is not one of my virtues. In addition, I am frustrated by all the things I cannot do because of my current situation. I simply lack the time.

I want to load up the family in the van and go for a long drive to some place nice and never come back......

Obviously, escaping is not the answer. I am sure I will get over it. I guess that with over 3 months of eating right and exercising, I would stop getting in these moods.

Living Fit is my #1 Job!


Fat Lazy Guy said...

Hi there.

I obviously don't really know what you're going through, but I'm going through a down patch myself at the minute.

Just incase you missed my first comment, just thought I'd remind you that you're a definite inspiration to me with your weight loss, as you were able to lose 50 lbs in about the same amount of time as I started blogging about my weight loss (which has amounted to nil :D). You're proof that it can be done.


Vorn said...

I beleave you will get through all the world has to throw at you, you say your still feeling motivated and thats half the battle.
I am just starting on trying to lose weight, i am 6'3" and 160 kilos (350 pounds)and those pictures you posted could be me.
I'll be keeping an eye on your progress, good luck with it .
Oh i found your link from my wifes blog Cactusfreek :)

"The Captain" said...

Half Man,
Using multiple measurements on how you are doing can sometimes keep your mood up. For example, if you are benching 125 lbs for 10 reps last week and now you at 11-12 reps or even went up 5-10 lbs on your press you can feel uplifted even if you lost zero total pounds. Also, tape measuring your chest and gut can also give you another measurement. I must have lost 8 inches around my middle while only losing 12 lbs in 10 months. My bench is up,curls,etc I am in better cardivascular shape. If I only looked at the scale I would have viewed the past 9 months as a failure.
When I went from 360 to 310 and lost my first fifty pounds I got discouraged and backslided and gained back 15. Your going to make it is all I am saying. Keep the blogs up even if you gain a few pounds. The accountability is great. Think about how you are going to leave messages of encouragement in a year and half to dieters that are just starting their journey and you can tell them how you lost over 120 lbs!!!! You are already becoming an inspiration to others."food" for though ha ha ha.

Half Man said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement