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Friday, May 18, 2007

Home Gym

I have belonged to gyms in the past. They were fine. I only had a couple of problems with them. The first is that unless you get there at an off hour, you can expect to wait for every piece of equipment you want to use. Second, you must figure in a lot more time than the actual workout. You need to drive there, change, workout, shower, change, and drive back. That is not to mention all the chit-chat time. I find it much more convenient to have a home gym.

I use workout videos for much of my cardio. I also have a recumbent stationary bike, a ski machine, and regular bike. I have not used the ski machine in a long time since it is rated up 250 lbs. I use the recumbent and now that the weather is nice, I am using my regular bike as much as possible.

For weight training, I have a bench with an adjustable back. I have dumbbells up to 35 lbs. This is not nearly enough. I am hoping to save up some money to buy some power blocks. Then I can get rid of all the dumbbells. I also have a pair of 5 lbs. ankle weights. I admit that there were machines at the gym that made working some muscles easier than using dumbbells.

Anyhow, I was wondering if any of you have home gyms, and what equipment you find useful and what you have found were duds.

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Jonathan said...

I couldn't agree with you more when it comes to all the "overhead" of working out at a gym. I've belonged to them in the past, too, but I'm not sure whether I ever will again (I'll never say never, though). Another downside to gyms: the smell and dealing with other people's sweat and bacteria (eeww!). I've found many ways to work on fitness at home, including a ski machine, Healthrider, yoga mat, and lots of DVD's. My heart rate monitor helps me to count certain things like going for a hike or playing with the dog as exercise.

I'm also looking at saving up money for the Power Blocks. They seem like the most efficient and compact set, although they max out at 45 lbs (at least the set I'm looking at). You don't believe 45 lbs is nearly enough? I was hoping it would be plenty, but I haven't made any final decisions (or saved up enough money!) yet.

Half Man said...

I am looking at the elite set. The base is 5-50 lbs., but can be upgraded up to 130 lbs. I want to get the in between set which goes up to 90 lbs. which comes $667 with shipping. I would also like to get the stand for it which would be another $140 for a grand total of $807.

As far as 45 lbs. not being enough, I goofed. My set only goes up to 35 lbs. I will fix my post. But I have a feeling I will want to go above 45 lbs. unless I really have this whole weight training thing goofed up.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Ah man, you stole my thunder ;) I was going to make a post about Gyms as well. Well, not home gyms, but still ;)

I have a couple of workout videos as well, but walking is my main deal. I've got some weights and a bench as well, but I don't use them. Not yet anyway.

About the power blocks. They sound like a lot of money. I mean, I'm sure you have, but just a little extra caution, think it through a few times about why you need them and stuff. :)

FatLady said...

I love the orbital trainer. I can really work up a sweat without straining my knees or feet. I also use a Universal weight pulley system, mostly for upper body stuff. It's versatile, and makes a cool sound.

"The Captain" said...

Half Man,
Thanks for pointing out a logical flaw. Obesity is only the result of sin. I guess I was really speaking about people who hit the 50 plus bmi and do not want to do anything about it. Also, I have been a little to influenced by spider. My wife thought I went a little to far also. That is why I asked for feedback. Keep up the weight training.

Bama said...

I guess I'm different. I love the gym.

I spent about 4 months earlier this year working out in my apartment's gym. It was basically a home gym set up with some dumbbells and a cable machine.

It's just not the same for me.

The thing I missed the most was the squat rack. That and you can make new fitness minded friends at the gym.

Sofie said...

I'm curious. What weightloss workout videos do you use?

Half Man said...

The Biggest Loser, Tae Bo, and Richard Simmons