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Friday, April 27, 2007


This week is going well concerning my exercise and eating habits. The stress has been a roller coaster ride relatively speaking. It has all been high with some peaks and shallow valleys.

One mile stone to relieving the stress will be next Friday. I will have a better idea of my future in my profession. Actually, I pretty much know as much as I will then. However, I will know officially. I have a meeting with a bigwig in my profession. It will also get the ball rolling wherever it is going to go. Afterwards, each month will have their own milestones.

Part of my stress started last summer. In June, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. By the end of August, she passed away. She had been the caregiver for my father who has been suffering from Alzheimer's for several years. He has been on medication and the decline has been slight over the years. He is still fairly good, but cannot live on his own.

I was left in charge of everything. I have been getting all his assets in order, taking him to doctor appointments, etc... My sister has been a great help in that she takes care of him much of the time. We do switch off though. Anyhow, my sister lives 3 1/2 hours away. My father's banks, house, and doctors are 3 hours away. Since my mother fell ill until the end of November, I was making that trip every week. Since then, it has been 2-3 times a month. This has wreaked havoc with my time spent with family and work. When I come home, my dad's stuff does not get left behind. I still must make appointments, pay his bills, etc... when I am back.

Oh, did I mention that on top of all that, my wife is pregnant. She needs more of my time rather than less. So what does silly me do? I add in an exercise routine and healthy eating. To top it off, I keep telling myself that right now, exercise and eating healthy are more important than anything else (see my post on priorities).

Stress is abundant. If can I survive the next 4-5 months, I think the stress in my life will reduce to a more acceptable level. Next Friday is really the first step.

Living Fit is my #1 Job!


"The Captain" said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy. Keep up the exercise.

Half Man said...

Thanks Jeff. I appreciate it.

Don Q. said...

It all seems to happen at once, don't it? Let me add my congrats to the Captain's. Hope things work out with your career as well.

Spider said...

Maybe you should move closer to your Dad and your sister? It seems like a very tough situation, good luck to you and your family; congrats on the baby!

Half Man said...

Moving closer to my father and sister would be ideal on the one front. On the other hand, there is a silly little thing I have to work out...income. If I can get that worked out, we just might be moving. If so, it will not be easy to leave everything here and go...but something has got to give. Anyhow, I will know more soon.