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Friday, May 25, 2007

Seven Albums

Captain tagged me for seven top albums. You will see that my tastes are quite ecclectic. With only seven albums, this will give you a small sampling of my tastes. Here they are in no particular order (not all the videos correspond to the albums):

St. Anger by Metallica

Noel by Canadian Brass

Mass in B Minor by Bach (Not quite a modern album, but I think it's equivalent to what an album would have been back then)

"Nuf Said" by Kai Winding and J.J. Johnson

Down in Birdland by Manhattan Transfer

Vault by Def Leppard

Supernatural by Santana


Spider said...

Metallica, Santana, and Manhattan Transfer are all great bands. You made some great choices. I am not much into jazz, so I cannot really comment.

Wanna_B_slim said...

Ohh I love Def Leppard... and downloaded *mumble mumble* some last night...wooohooo
You are going so well on your weightloss journey... And just reading back a few posts you have the same struggles as the rest of us... you are human too and like me you love your food!! haha..
You will get there in time and funnily enough time is what we have... I think it is good that you dont seem to have set yourself a time limit for your goal weight. I havent even got an ultimate goal at this stage.. the one I have on my blog is just one as when I started my journey I couldnt ever imagine being any smaller than 70 kilos... thats the lowest I had even been in my adult life..(and probably childhood also!! haha)
So I think a Dr trup for me to get my vitals checked and see what she thinks would be a nice healthy weight for me... I am only a short arse so I probably have a lot fUrther to go!
OOps thats a big saga hey! Well I just popped over to say Ty for commenting on my blog.. ;o)
Take care and good lick for the next weigh in!

"The Captain" said...

Adding video links was a nice touch.

CactusFreek said...

Manhattan Transfer, i haven't heard them for aaaaages!

Isn't Vault Def Leppards "best of" album? My fav all time album is Hysteria. I first had it on tape and i wore it out. Then i wore out a CD [it went everywhere with me and all the tiny scrathes added up] and i've nearly worn out my second CD of it! I have Hysteria on video too :o)
I have to go and play the CD now that i'm thinking about it....