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Thursday, May 3, 2007

No Whiners

I think I have whined a lot on this blog. But life for me is not all horrible. All in all, I have it really good. Sure, I have a lot of stress right now, but even so, I do have a job, a loving wife, healthy kids, a few luxuries. While not rich, we are not poor. Spiritually, I am on the right road. Mentally...well...I do okay. Now, I am going in the right direction physically.

It seems easy to complain anonymously in the nether regions of cyberspace. Losing a few pounds and getting fit are not my only joys or happiness in life. However, they are a catalyst for making a lot of other good things even better.

Now for the whine!
So after a great weigh-in on Monday, I woke up early Tuesday morning with a horrible pain in my upper back between my shoulders. I could not move my neck from side to side (try driving like that), and could not even pull on or off a shirt without great pain. There was not comfortable position, but laying down was the worst. I think it must have been a muscle cramp. Only, I still have it. I have been taking Motrin and last night, my wife put a heating pad on it. The heating pad put me to sleep quickly, but when I woke, my back felt much better. This morning it aches again, but I will use the heating pad today. Hopefully between that and the Motrin, I will be rid of this.

Needless to say, I have not kept up with my exercise routine this week. I fully intended to step it up this week, having been motivated by my weigh-in. Oh well, I will be happy to be rid of this pain.

I seem to have a problem with getting hurt when I start exercising. It's not even necessarily related to the exercising. It seems like as far back as I can remember in my adult life that when I start getting serious about exercising, I get injured. Often, I get a sprained ankle (a left over side affect from a football injury). Other times, I hurt my lower back...usually picking something up the wrong way. This time around, I had the ear infection and now this muscle cramp. It won't stop me. It never has in the past. I always get past them and continue exercising. However, it is aggravating.

Along with that goes the fear of going in the wrong direction weight-wise. After all, my eating habits have been formed around a regular exercise routine. Without that energy output, its hard to decrease the energy input for just a week. Oh well..this too will pass.
Okay, I payed the 5 bucks and my whining done!

Tomorrow is the big day. I meet with the bigwig in my profession and will get the ball rolling wherever it will go. After tomorrow, I should be able to take some action to move things along in the right direction. The holding pattern will be over, but the landing will still take a few months at the least. I am nervous and excited. I will report more on this afterward if I can.

Living Fit Is My #1 Job!


"The Captain" said...

I am trying to lobby spider to put you on his weight loss winners blog. Keep up all your hard work.

Half Man said...

Thanks for the confidence and support. I appreciate it. Knowing that there are people looking in on me helps keep me motivated.

Bama said...

I just found your blog. This is definitely one of the better ones around.

It's awesome to see a fellow big guy trying to lose weight. You're doing great!

As for the whining. I'm in the same boat! I complain all the time on my blog. My wife doesn't want to hear it so I have to get it out somewhere.

"The Captain" said...

half the man,
Don't make us wait so long for the next posts. Also, why not add a voicemail to your site. it is free. Leave a voicemail on my site and try it out. Also, I don't get paid for the plug ha ha ha.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Hey, congratulations on your 50lbs weight loss! I just read about it in Sir Chubalot's blog. 13 weeks, wow. It's really interesting to me because I've been attempting to lose weight, and started a blog 13 weeks ago, but I've had set backs (all my own fault) and times when I didn't bother, so I'm left with a whole lot of nothing.

So, I guess I'm trying to say that you're definitely an inspiration. Keep it up, and congratulations once again.

Sir Man Boobs said...

Welcome to the Knights of the Round Bottoms - I've added you to my link list!