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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sample of What I Eat

Breakfast (8AM):
1-1/2 cups of steel cut oats
3/4 cup of Eggbeaters fried up with some onions in a few drops of olive oil
16 ounces water

Snack (11 AM):
1 bag of 100 calorie popcorn

Lunch (12:30):
Whole grain pita
low-fat turkey lunch meat
low-fat cheese lettuce
celery sticks
16 ounces water

Snack (3 PM):
1 cup of lowfat yogurt
1 cup of Kashi cereal

Dinner (5:30):
salad with lots of veggie goodness
wife's olive oil based homemade dressing
chicken breast
cooked veggies (green beans/asparagus/broccoli)
1 Kiwi (the fruit,lol)
16 ounces water
1 small glass of red wine

Snack (6:30):
sugar-free, fat-free fudgicle (sometimes)

That's basically it. It changes from day to day, but I basically try to stick to high fiber, low fat, low sugar foods following the food pyramid. I don't count anything. I don't count calories, points, carbs, fats, sugars, etc... I do read labels. I do try to watch my portions.

I feel like I eat a lot every day. I do feel hungry when I eat. My body/mind has had to learn what true hunger feels like. Before, I thought I was hungry when I wasn't full. Therefore, I ate to feel full. Unfortunately, my capacity for food intake increased. I could eat an awful lot without feeling full. Now, I eat because I feel hungry. But, I still have to watch it. Because, I could easily stuff myself and not realize it. However, I now hate feeling full. It makes me uncomfortable.

One more thing I should mention is that I have a daily exercise routine which consists of at least one hour of cardio 6 days a week and 30-60 minutes of weight training 4 days a week.

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Sofie said...

I've never heard of steal cut oats or Kashi cereal. What are they? I'm from Canada, maybe we just don't have those here.

Half Man said...

I added a link to explain steel cut oats. You can buy them at health food stores or online Some grocery stores carry them, but are very expensive there. Oh, I guess I should explain that I make oatmeal with steel cut oats.

Kashi is a name brand of organic cereals in the States. I don't know if it's available in Canada. Here is the website I also eat grapenuts with my yogurt. I try to change things up a bit.

Sofie said...


Fat Lazy Guy said...

Nice. I'm much the same on everything :) In fact, our breakfasts are very similar, except we don't have egg beaters over here.

"The Captain" said... is a great resource for training. Keep it up half the man.