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Monday, February 11, 2008

Week 54 Weigh-In

Last Week's Weight: 260.8 lbs.
Today's Weight: 260.8 lbs. (-0.0)
Total Lost: 119.2 lbs.

Fat Ratio: 25.4% (-0)
Lean Mass: 194.6 lbs. (+1.3)
Fat Mass: 66.2 lbs. (-1.3)
Waist: 49 inches (-0.5)

Zero sum gain this week. Not a problem. My only disappointment was that I didn't break 260. However, if my measurements are accurate, I actually lost fat, but also gained an equal amount of lean mass. That gain could have been muscle, water weight, or who knows. I'll keep attending to living a fit lifestyle and let the weight tend to itself.

In the past couple I weeks, I discovered that sub zero temps zap any desire to go outside to exercise. Heck, anything under 20 F does it to me. I have all proper clothing to do it, but not the desire. Today, I opted to go to the community center and run a bazillion laps on the track that is just a little larger than a basketball court. It was worth the boredom.

Tomorrow is my presentation for the Kiwanis Club. I hope it goes well. I am comfortable speaking in public speaking. I sketched an outline today. I found a few interesting facts as I prepared it. I found that HIV accounts 0.8% (16k) of the deaths in the U.S. Smoking accounts for 20% (400k). Obesity 15% (300k). Obesity cost the health care system in the U.S. $117 billion/year which is about $17 billion more than Iraq war costs the U.S. Wish me luck.

The primary concern of overweight and obesity is one of health and not appearance. -- U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website

Living Fit Is My #1 Job!


Sayre said...

Good luck with the presentation, Half-Man! You're walkin' the walk!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Good luck mate. I'm sure you'll do great!

cmae said...

Good luck!!! You'll be great!

Christopher Maples said...

Break a leg, man. That's some pretty strong numbers, there. Wow.

Yeldarb said...

I am new to your blog and appreciate your story and wanted to let you know you are an inspiration to me and to others...

Keep it up...

BryGuy said...

"I'll keep attending to living a fit lifestyle and let the weight tend to itself.".....wise advice my friend.

I'll just have to remember that when I break even some week :)

Nona said...

So how did it go? Please share!!!

Lady Rose said...

I hate the cold too. I have a stationary bike - boring but at least it's something.
I bought myself some walking poles as a xmas gift to use when the weather warms up

Kim Ayres said...

Hope the presentation went well.

Most mammels any real distance north of the equator fatten up and slow down to survive winter. It's hardly surprising if we feel the urge to do the same. The only problem is we still have access to lots of food throught winter