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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Great Foods

Here are a few great foods that I enjoy and fit into my healthy lifestyle.

Sunflower seeds: I get the kind in the shell. This is great if you eat out of boredom. It gives you something to do by learning to crack the shell, spit the shells, and chew on the seeds. They are high in fiber, protein, Vitamin E, celenium, zinc, folate, and iron. They are high in fat, but they are mostly unsaturated and a good addition to healthy eating as long you watch your total caloric intake from fats. The downside is that they are salty if you are watching your sodium intake and not something you can eat socially. For some reason, people find the spitting offensive.

Pumkin Seeds: These comes in the shell too, but the shells are edible. These are nice to substitute for chip munchers as long as you eat them in moderation and one at time. They have a sweet, nutty flavor. Pumpkin seeds contain Manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, tryptophan, iron, vitamin k, zinc, and protein. Again, they are high in fat, but mostly unsaturated.

Kumquats: These are odds fruits. They look like miniature oblong oranges. You eat the whole thing, skin and all. They fruit is tart and juicy. The skin is sweet and yummy. They are low in calories and high in vitamin c. The only down side is that they have seeds, so you either chew the seeds up, or you get to spit again. The best thing is that it's fun to say "Kumquat." "Kumquat, Kumquat, Kumquat, Kumquat!"

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Fat Lazy Guy said...

Gotta love the pumpkin seeds!
I've never tasted a kumquat.

Nona said...


cmae said...

Thanks for this post because I always wondered how to eat a kumquat! Maybe I'll try one. Toasted fresh pumpkin seeds are a favorite Halloween tradition in my fam.

BryGuy said...

I've always wondered what a Kumquat was like.....maybe I'll have to try one.

Kim Ayres said...

Eating seeds with chopsticks is quite a good way of snacking too - it slows down your eating and improves your dexterity :)