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Monday, November 5, 2007

Week 40 Weigh-In

This morning I weighed 279.4 lbs. This is a 1.6 lb. loss from last week and a total of 100.6 lbs. lost. My fat ratio is 28.4% (-0.7) giving me a lean mass of 200.1 lbs. (+0.9) and fat mass of 79.3 lbs. (-2.5). My waist measures 52 inches (-0.5).

Today started out horrible. I woke up early to use the rest room. I started feeling sick and my stomach started cramping. I was in pain. I wanted to throw up, but didn't. I started sweating profusely. Eventually, the pain subsided, so I laid down for a little while. Soon, I was feeling better. My stomach still doesn't feel right, but I am doing okay. Although, I am not sure what that whole episode was about. We did eat out last night, so I wonder if it was a touch of food poisoning. Anyhow, I hope it does return.

Of course, the scales numbers helped me feel much better too. After I weighed, my daughter and I hit the pavement. We took a week off since the race, so today was are first day back at it. Because of the time change, we weren't running in the dark for very long. I felt pretty good running this morning. I really missed it last week. The race really inspired me to keep running. We are planning in entering another race in December (Brrr!).

As far as running goes, I picked up a couple of books by Galloway. His approach seems similar to the Beginning Runner's Handbook method. Of course, I have just begun reading these books. We started employing some if his ideas this morning.

Coincidentally, I saw a man interviewed on TV who has lost 100 lbs. and finished the New York Marathon. It took him 2 year to lose 100 lbs. Now he ran a marathon. What an inspiration.

Having just past the 100 lb. mark myself, I have no plans to run a marathon, but the idea is intriguing. I think I will wait until I have had at least a year of running experience before I think about entering a marathon. There are some triathlon and biathlon events in the summer. I might sign up for a biathlon if I can find a decent road bike at a decent price. I don't think I will look at the tri's because I don't have much experience on the swimming end.


Kim Ayres said...


To lose 100lbs is a massive achievement!

This is where you now go past me as I've levelled out. I've been at or around the 100lb mark for 6 months now. I don't think I'm likely to lose more.

3-figure weightloss is a rare thing, and something you should feel incredibly proud of!

Fit Club Scott said...

Great job with the weight loss!

Galloway is known for his walk/run technique. It's referred to as "Gallo-walking". The difference between his programs and the Beginning Runners Handbook is that the BRH weans you off of walking, but Galloway encourages walk breaks for the entire distance.

You are absolutely capable of running a marathon, but I would give your ligaments and tendons some time to adapt.

You are up to about 6 miles with your race, so I would shoot for a slow, steady increase of mileage for a half marathon in 4-6 months.

The extra mileage will also help with continued weight loss.

Good luck.

Sayre said...

Hurray, Half-Man!!! Way to go!!!

Perhaps in a few years, you and your daughter might think of running a marathon - you could be running with Katie Holmes!

You guys are a real inspiration to me.

Iron-Man said...

You are now the #2 all time leader of the Knights of the Round Bottoms! Congratulations!!

St Patrick's said...

That is a wonderful achievement