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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ten Pound Pictures

Every time I reach a ten pound mark I post my shirtless pictures in order to mark my progress. Since I went under 280, here are my next pictures.

All and all, I have been disappointed in these pictures. I expected to see a bigger difference by now. I guess I shouldn't expect to since I have so much yet to lose. I suspect that I won't see the big differences I am looking for until I get under 250.

I know, this is not all about ego and looks. I am in this for the fitness, first and foremost. I am proud of my accomplishments. But, I am human. I still want to look good. I want to be able to indulge in a little vanity. While I am not as huge as I was, I am still blubbery, fat, and disgusting to look at. This is definitely a motivation (as I hoped posting these pictures would be) to continue on this path of fitness I have chosen to follow.

I am not looking for sympathy, just journaling my thoughts.

Living Fit Is My #1 Job!

ADDENDUM: This morning I decided to try a size 44 pants. I thought they would be rather tight. Instead, they fit well. I can't wait to get under size 40, but this was a pleasant surprise.


Kim Ayres said...

It's a long road, but just because you've not reached the end doesn't mean you haven't come a hell of a long way.

On the one hand you've lost the same amount I have - 100lbs - yet at the same time you are now around the weight I was when I started out (275lbs).

The first hundred you've lost will make the biggest impact on saving your life. The next will make the biggest difference in your appearance.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

It's taken nearly 30 pounds off of me (and I only have 50 total that I need to lose) for some of my co-workers to notice. It's a slow process. You're on a great track, though.

Lady Rose said...

You're doing great! Keep doing what you're doing - you'll see a difference. I posted photos in a bathing suit awhile back and I'll do so again in a few months - I lose extremely slowly so won't see any difference for awhile. I also keep a running summary of my weekly weighins too. It helps keep the motivation up and the focus on track.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Man, you might not be able to see a difference, but I can see a huge difference. I noticed it especially in the running photos.

Honestly man, I'm not saying that to try and comfort you man, I see a huge, huge difference. Like you said, they're probably not the changes you want to see, but man you've come such a long way.

I think I see it most clearly in the profile shots, but in the front on shots you can see it if you look for the differences instead of just looking at each by themselves.

If you take a look at my latest post, I did a bit of a thing to show you that it has been a huge loss. Check it out if you want.

cmae said...

Way to go! I hope it feels great to wear the smaller size!

Chicken Girl said...

The way one's body changes with weight loss can be really misleading, I think. The thing is, you've lost tons of weight but you still have the same body. That is, you haven't been body-snatched and assigned a different meat-suit. You're still you and your body is still your body. And your body has a certain type and is shaped a certain way and that hasn't changed and isn't going to.

Which means that you get up every morning and look in the mirror and you don't look any different to yourself, because you still look like you, and you always will.

Me, I've lost about 30 pounds and I can't tell. I really, honestly believe that I look about the same, even though I know I'm a lot smaller, but I have it on my boyfriend's authority that it's a huge difference.

Which leads me to my advice for you: Don't trust your own eyes on this matter. Ask your wife. She's probably in the best position to be able to tell you exactly how much progress you've made.

Sayre said...

I can see a huge difference even in your pictures! You're probably like me - I can't see my own progress. I feel like I look the same, in spite of needing to go and buy some new pants because my old ones don't want to stay up.

You're doing well, my friend. Don't let your eyes tell you differently.

CactusFreek said...

You've done so awesomely, and the photos really show it!
What Kim Ayres said is quite significant :o)

Iron-Man said...

You look pretty good after losing so much weight so quickly. Your skin will tighten up, especially if you exercise and add muscle tone.

You are looking good!

TB--Milwaukee said...

You're looking good. 100 pounds is a big accomplishment!

LWD said...

Oh I definitely see a difference - even from just the last couple of these photos! Keep it up - like I've told you on email, you're an inspiration!

Jake Silver said...

I think there is a huge difference!

St.Patrick's said...

The difference is really starting to show in the photo's. Just look back.