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Monday, July 16, 2007

Week 24 Weigh-In

Busy actually this will be a busy week. For now I will just give my stats. If I can I will add some thoughts later today.

I weighed 303.6 lbs. this morning which is a 1.4 lb. loss from last week bringing my total wieght loss to 76.4 lbs. My body fat is 32.9%(-0) giving me a total lean mass of 203.7 lbs.(-1.0)and a fat mass of 99.9(-0.4). My waist measured 55 inches (-0).


Spidey said...

you are doing great. Keep up the good work, you are really inspiring me a lot during these months that I have been stalled.

Lady Rose said...

that is totally awesome :) *****three cheers and lots of pompoms shaking in celebration*****

"The Captain" said...

1.4 lbs is fantastic after your 5 lbs. Sometimes you get a goose egg after a big loss like that.

Christine said...

You are having consistent losses! They add up really quick! You are doing great.

Half Man said...

Thanks everyone. I was concerned that after that last drop, I would be in for dissappointment.

Sayre said...

Rock on, Half-Man, rock on!