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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fitness Goals & Other Stuff

-Set up and follow and exercise routine. ACHIEVED
-Follow exercise routine for 1 month. ACHIEVED
-Follow exercise routine for 3 months. ACHIEVED
-Follow exercise routine for 6 months.
-Follow exercise routine for 12 months.
-Play with the kids without getting tired out in 15 minutes. ACHIEVED
-Play with the kids until they tire out.
-Ride my road bike. ACHIEVED
-Take a week long bike trip.
-Take up mountain biking.
-Start jogging.
-Enter a 5k race.
-Start Rollerblading.
-Start Cross Country Skiing.
-Climb up on one of those rock climbing walls.
-Learn to ballroom dance.
-Take up a martial art.
-Join a racquetball league.
-Take up kayaking

I found the President's Fitness Challenge website. I thought it was pretty cool since you can win awards and certificates. It's related to the physical fitness awards from grade school, but this one is for adults as well.

I was thinking about how much time we put into eating. There is shopping time + Meal preparation + eating meals + snacking + dining out. Now, how much time do we put into physical activity? Exercise 30-60 min. I wonder if we limited ourselves to spending no more time investing in eating than we invest in exercise. So if we exercise for 60 minutes, we can spend no more time than 60 minutes with eating related activities that day. No, no, no...I don't mean going through the drive-thru and wolfing down 2 super-sized meals in 30 seconds flat. I mean eating healthy, but spending no more time on it than exercise. Perhaps, that is a backwards way to look at it. Instead, maybe I should make it my goal to exercise for as much time as I put into eating. The idea is to improve fitness, not starve...nor binge.

I am not sure if it comes across in my posts, but I have noticed that my mood has improved since I began my journey of fitness. I used to be pretty depressed all the time. I still feel depressed on a daily basis, but it is no longer all encompassing. I even enjoy life each day. I don't think there is a single cause for my improvement, but I am willing to bet fitness has a lot to do with it, as well as getting out in the sun. Job, location, and future are still uncertain so I don't think that has anything to do with it. I am looking forward to getting through an entire day without getting down, but I will take the improvement I already feel.

Living Fit Is My #1 Job!


The Timekeeper said...

Just stumbled across your blog, and wanted to let you know it looks like your doing great. Your definately an inspiration, so I hope to be checking in often. Based on what I've read so far, you've encouraged me to get moving also. I'm pushing the big 40, and feel like crap most of the time.

Again, good job and keep at it.

Spidey said...

The depression and negativity are a part of being overweight/obese. I deal with it all the time. I have made tons of positive improvement with every pound that I have lost, however I am still far from my goal. Keep moving towards your goals and you will feel better.

angelfish24 said...

Yeah, I think exercise can do a lot to easing you out of depression. I have mild bouts here and there and exercise is always a pick me up. Not the cure all for sure but it helps.
I agree with you that we spend too much time preparing, thinking, eating. Much more than exercise. Sometimes, I wish we didn't have to eat. Ha! That will never happen. Now, I try to cook easy, light dinners and have books to use such as 'body for life - eating one' and weight watchers recipes or just some standby easy ones. I really don't enjoy cooking so I'm looking for fast things that are healthy.
Good luck to you on your journey. You are losing so much. I wish I could lose fast but slow and steady is the only way is seems to happen for me. I just need to figure out how to continue on for another year and beyond. That's the hard part.
Ok, I've written too much, so have a good week!

"The Captain" said...

Half the man,
Your close to one milestone. You are very close to a bmi of 39 which takes you out of the superobese category. Also, you will be joining the 200 pound club very soon. When I hit 299 that was a joy that was only surpassed when I hit the 100 pound loss mark and when I hit a bmi of 29. Remember, people who weight 350-400 lbs are looking at your site for inspiration. You are really helping them.

Christine said...

Great to see you have achieved so many of your goals! Thats great. I do find myself feeling better these days too - something in the water? :) Take care.

Sayre said...

I love your list of things you want to do. 10 years ago, I was doing a lot of them. Having a baby and putting on weight stopped most of it. I no longer mountain bike or rock climb. But I did start a martial art. There are many forms, but I love the one I do. It's called KenPo, which is a mutt of martial art - it takes the best and most effective moves of many martial arts and combines it into a unique form of street fighting. It truly is a self defense. The idea is to get away from your assailant. Not to kill him, unless you have to. It sure does boost the self-confidence!

celtic_girl said...

Yes, there is a link between exercise helping depression, it's one of the first things the shrinks tell you to do(next to taking the pills).Exercise releases the endorphins or happy hormones.The biggest hurdle is to start and keep up the momentum.Well done for achieving both of these.