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Monday, April 16, 2007

Week 11 Weigh-In

After a solid week with no weigh-in and a horrible week for healthy eating, I weighed in at 338.6 lbs. This is down 2.2 lbs. since my weigh-in 2 weeks ago.

I planned to eat healthy on my vacation. We did eat out a lot, but that was not the entire problem. For the most part I chose healthy foods at restaurants like grilled chicken salads with dressing on the side. Even at the fancy Italian restaurant, I ordered a chicken dish...OK, it was wrapped with prosciutto and covered in a cream sauce...and we all had tiramisu for desert. Even that was only one night.

The problem was the lack of fruits and vegetables and snacks, and control over meals at our hosts home. We visited some friends of ours and stayed at their house. Hence, we were a bit captive to whatever they prepared for us to eat. They served eggs and bacon one morning, fried hash another. We had some sort of pork steaks one night with a fried cabbage dish (so much for the veggies), another night was beer brats with chips. I did avoid the bacon, hash, and chips, but I was not able to maintain the healthy eating habits I had set in place for myself.

I know the real problem was my mouth. I did not open it to tell my hosts about my healthy eating. In fact, nobody knows but my wife and kids and anyone reading here. I just hate how people have treated me in the past when they knew I was on a "diet." For example, "A friend of my nephew's ex-wife lost a bazillion pounds by eating 1 plain bagel a day and nothing else. That's what you should do if you really want to lose weight," or "You're eating too much. I see you eating all day. Did you give up on your diet?"

When people see that I am losing weight, they will start saying those stupid things anyhow. I hate all those well-meaning comments and advice. It's almost as bad as those strangers who come up to you and say, "You really need to lose weight for your health. You are caring way too much weight." Grrrrr!!!

Anyhow, I did not open my mouth to tell our hosts. I am guessing that I had lost more weight the week before and gained a couple back this last week. I am still down, so I will hang on to that and get this week started off better. On a positive note, I was plenty active. I did a lot of walking, not vigorous, but not sitting on my butt all day either. I had a great time and was glad to spend so much time with my kids.

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