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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Odds and Ends

This morning the temperature was 48F. The water temp was 68F. I took my sweats off and froze as I stood there in my skin tight tri shorts. The lake looked eerie with the vapor rolling off it. I wondered if anyone was watching this insane, under dressed, tubby man walking out into the water. Diving in, I realized that I was much warmer in the water than out. As I began my swim, thoughts of what others observing me evaporated with the water vapor. I focussed on stroke technique, proper breathing, and keeping balanced in the water. Before I knew it, the sun was up, the swim was over, and thoughts turned to what it would be like on the day of the triathlon.

Now, for something completely different. Will at 4xlt left me two questions, I would like to address.

"How's your body and skin taking the dramatic weight loss?"

I think my body is taking it quite well. My shape is not changing in all the ways that I had hoped, but I am still quite aways from a healthy weight, so that may yet come. Although, I am anticipating that it's a result of the abuse I have done to my body. Then again, I can't expect a 39 year old body to look like a 20 year old body despite the Bowflex commercials. As far as the skin goes, I think that can be answered under the second question.

"I've heard stories of people having particularly saggy skin left from where they carried their fat - namely in saggy stomach pouches, man boobs, and arms. 140+ pounds in, are you running into that as well?"

You can see from the pictures that I have what I call a "belly flop." That is the part of my stomach that flops over like a big fold. So far, it has not tightened up, but it doesn't seem to have grown worse with the weight loss. I don't think it's sagging down any more than it ever did except there is a lot less to hang over. Around my navel and down the center part of my stomach, you can see wrinkles caused by sagging skin. The funny thing is that when I run, it makes a flopping sound. I am not sure anyone else can here it, but it make me smile.

On my chest, there are fat deposits below my pecs going around to the side. So my nipples seem to hang below my pecs. Again, this doesn't seem to have grown worse with the weight loss and may tighten up later.

Hanging off my triceps to my armpits there is some hanging skin. I hope that this will tighten up as well.

The final place I have noticed anything is a little sagging skin on my upper inner thighs.

I don't know exactly how things will shape up as I continue to lose weight. I certainly hope that things will tighten up, but they may not. I get the impression that this the sagging skin is more common with the bariatric surgery when rapid weight loss occurs. I don't consider that I have lost weight rapidly. Certainly, there have been spurts of greater weight loss, but all in all, I think my loss has been gradual. I am averaging 1.7 lbs. per week which is well within the 1-2 lbs that is recommended as safe weight loss.

Anyhow, my real goal is not 190 lb weight loss, despite my blog name. That was just a ballpark figure based on bmi. My ultimate goal of course is to continue to live a fit lifestyle. That includes getting my fat composition under 15%. 15% for men is considered healthy. Therefore, once I get under 15% and hold that for a year, I will reevaluate skin sag and such. If things haven't tightened up enough then I will consider surgery, but I doubt I will be able to afford it. "Hey kids, let's go dumpster diving for our food so daddy can feed his narcissism!"

BTW, check out Will's website. He has accomplished quite a bit.

On for something completely different. We leave tonight for week. We are going to my dad's house to get it ready to sell. During this time, we will go to out next race called the Crim. I will be running 10 miles (yes miles, not kilometers) and my daughter will run 5k. It's supposed to be the biggest race in Michigan and a lot of fun. However, I am not sure if I will have the chance to log in my next weigh-in, so my next one might be the last one for the Labor Day Challenge. Don't think I will be laying around drinking beer for a week and eating pizzas.

Living Fit Is My #1 Job!


Fat Lazy Guy said...

Good job on the swimming, man. And good luck with your 10 mile run! That's epic!

LosingWeightDaily said...

I think that considering how much you've lost, you seem to be doing pretty well on the skin front. From doing my research on this (because its something I'm rather concerned about) there are three main things to address in a weight loss journey to avoid sagging skin:

1 - slow pace, 2-3 pounds a week. (which I know you've done)

2 - hydrate hydrate hydrate - the skin needs water. the body needs water. lots of it. especially to lose weight and get all that bad junk out. I see really fast results from just being fully hydrated - my stretch marks dissipate and i lose weight.

3 - build muscle - just doing a lot of cardio risks losing muscle weight too. Building muscle ensures you're losing only fat, and it also gives you something to replace all that fat with. It doesn't have to be all weights, barbells and benches. Compound exercises that do major muscle groups (like using a band, a swiss ball, or body weight excercises like crunches, push-ups, dips, lunges, etc) are perfect.

3.5 - intervals - Interval training is being shown to really kick start the fat-burning engines. Sagging skin tends to be the result of excess layers of fat under the skin layer, and intervals can really get at that layer.

I know you're a busy guy, so it may not always be easy to get in the resistance training - but have you thought about adding that into your regimen in this latter phase of your journey?

Will @ 4XLT said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question is such a thought out way! I've got to admit, the only thing about major, major weight loss that guys like you and me are looking at the the prospect of freaky skin sags and/or skin removal surgery.

Nona said...

Interesting Q&A. Things all weight losers think about.

Sounds as though you have a busy weekend ahead. Wish you good luck with the race. Maybe you'll better your best.

Pandora Woman said...

-grins- I just had to grin reading about your saggy skin area's. Why grin? Well, because I recognise it, and have major concerns about it.

So much I have been iforming about the possibillity of having the excess skin removed.

Most visible at the moment: I have a little skin pouch where some of my now disappearing double chin was. There are now some wrinkles. I am hoping with some excercises they will het less.

Thanks losingweightdaily for all the good advice.

Applaus for you 10 M run coming up. And have fun this week!



cmae said...

Great post. One woman I know who has stretch marks and sagging skin due to pregnancy wears them like a badge of courage. She's not embarrassed by them because they tell the story of who she is. You are (obviously) in a different situation, but any scars and marks your body develops as you lose weight could be viewed in a similar way.

Fian said...

Huh. I have to admit, I've always been curious about the skin questions you answered. I know I gained weight so quickly that I have some really ugly stretch marks ... as I lose, I'm worried about what my skin will look like. Thanks for answering those online! Good luck at the race.

Katie K. said...

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Saint patrick said...

I have used Vitamin E creams, I read that that is what body builders use.