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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sorry for my absence

No, I haven't moved into the donut shop. I haven't given up. I haven't stopped. I just became incredibly busy. Training for a Triathlon takes up a lot of time. Just for the swimming, it takes me 40 min. to get to the pool, 45-60 min in the pool, and the trip back. That's more than 2 hours three days a week. I ran a 5k race last Saturday in which I did all right. I could have done better. Oh well. This Saturday, I will run a 12k race, the longest race yet. While on vacation, I ran 10 miles one day. That was a new record for me. My physical activity has been pretty good.

Healthy eating has been more or less on track. My weight has been fluctuating between 248 and 253. I have reached my first official plateau. Therefore, after almost 18 months, I have moved to phase 2 of my healthy living plan. I knew I would get here, but I was hoping not as it is more time intensive. Phase 1 was NO measuring, NO counting calories, fat grams, carbs, proteins, etc..., NO deprivation, NO Dieting. Simply eating a healthy mixture.

Phase 2 is basically the same, but with the added task of tracking what I eat. Yes, it is counting and measuring, but not to stay within a certain perimeter. Instead, it's to makes sure that I really am eating the way that I think I am. I started doing this Monday, using FitDay. Two things surprised me right away. First was how much fat I ate. I thought I was doing pretty good watching my fats, but in reality I was consuming much more than I thought. This fat mainly came from peanut butter (the natural kind) and walnuts which I put in my morning cereal. The second thing that surprised was how many calories I burn each day. For example, it calculated that I burned 4730 calories on Monday. Wow! I thought it would be between 2 and 3k. Anyhow, tracking what I eat is a useful tool. I am getting a more realistic picture of what I am eating. Like I said, I knew this day would come. Now, I just need to incorporate tracking into my daily habits.

As far as the 4th of July challenge went, I concede. I didn't weigh in then. I really have no idea what I weighed. In fact, I haven't had an official weigh in since before vacation...well at least until this past Monday. My weight was 253lbs. on July 14, 2008. I am game for the Labor Day Challenge, and will use that as my starting weight. I am optimistic that with my phase 2, I will blow all challengers out of the water.

I will post more when I can.

"The fact is, that to do anything in the world worth doing, we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in and scramble through as well as we can."--Robert Cushing

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Sayre said...

Hey, Half-Man! Good to see you back! I've had my own challenges in the past month, but now feel like I'm past the worst of it. In two more weeks, I'll be allowed to lift things again and that will be my cue to ramp things up. I have plateaued myself, but I'm not sure if it's because of the enforced inactivity or because I've been eating slightly differently (boredom!!!). I'm more or less back on track now.

So - are we on for Labor Day? I'm gonna give it my best shot. I mean, how many more body parts can they remove this year???

cmae said...

I have every confidence that you'll conquer Phase 2 challenges as completely as you did the first phase!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Hey man, great to hear from you again. I hope that 12k went well for you.

Glad to hear things have been on track for you as well. Good luck for Phase 2 :)