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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Realage, Fitday, and Recipe Calculator

Inspired by my friend Sayre, I tested my Realage. Being obese and all, I expected my realage to be much higher than my actual age. I was quite surprised and pleased to find that my realage is 37.5, a whole 2 years YOUNGER than my chronological age. Therefore, I am giving up exercising and heading to the Golden Corral because I figure I have 2 extra years with which to skate by. Okay, I am kidding, but it was a nice little boost to see that number.

Concerning Fitday. This is a nice tool to use because you can add any food or dish as long as you have the nutritional information. Once you enter it in, it remembers it. The problem is that I find myself manually entering in most of my foods. It never seems to have an exact match. Then, what do you do with a recipe. Some cookbooks come with nutritional info, but even then, we often substitute.

The answer is Recipe Calculator. You just add in your ingredients and it spits out the nutrition. The only thing you must do is figure out what a portion is and how many it makes. Otherwise, it is quite handy.

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Kim Ayres said...

I was a bit disturbed to find my realage was about 3 years older, but part of that is because I couldn't remember what my blood pressure was, nor do I know my exact cholestral, so I answered Don't Know, although both are fine

Sayre said...

I'll bet you've never been a smoker. That ages you a lot - even if you've quit. Some of the questions seem a little odd. I just answered them as accurately as I could.

Two years younger is great! I'm hoping that by the next time I take it, I'll be my own age (or younger!).