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Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18 Weigh-In, Week 336

I missed last week's weigh-in because I was at a youth conference.  It was at Purdue University.  I did not make the healthiest choices.  University cafeteria food has certainly changed since I was in college.  They had a Mongolian BBQ for Pete's sake, A Mongolian BBQ!  I heard about the freshman ten.  I think today it must be the freshman twenty.  Anyhow, I indulged.  It happens.  Dare I say that I did nothing wrong.  Now I am back to healthy eating.

On Friday July 5th, I woke up with a sore back.  I don't remember doing anything in specific to hurt my back.  I went ahead and did my run and my weight training.  Saturday I did my weight training and rode my back Saturday evening.  Sunday, I was in terrible pain all day.  Monday, I left for the conference.  The pain was there all week, but thankfully not as bad as Sunday.  There was a lot of walking and stairs. I even did a little "English Country Dancing" which is closer to square dancing than line dancing.  Think Pride and Prejudice.  I am still in pain and have not done any cardio or weight training since that Saturday.  If it still hurts tomorrow, I will call a chiropractor.

After the poor eating and lack of exercise, I was praying that I remained even.  I was in for a treat this morning.  I weighed 301 lbs.  This means that I have lost 25 lbs since April and 79 since I began.  I am extremely encouraged.  It's not just the numbers, but I have started to notice that my pants are fitting better and I have to bring my belt in.  I really hope that I can start exercising again soon.  I miss it.

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