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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Three Days Until Triathlon

3 Days left. Today, they set up the transition area and looks like they were getting ready to place the buoys, but I don't know if they got that far. They took over most of the parking lot at the park, so I am not sure where people are supposed to park. The weather forecast says 60% chance of thunderstorms, so I am worried it might get canceled all together. I have trained for so long for this that I would be disappointed if I didn't get to race. Although, I did a run through on Labor Day, it's just not the same as an official race. I know, the journey is the most important part. All the preparations are what I should be proud of. I will probably repeat that if it does get canceled, but still, it will be a major let down.

Living Fit Is My #1 Job!

p.s. I ran 5k at a 9 min pace today. That is a new record for me!


cmae said...

Dooood...DOOOOOOOOOOD!!! My treadmill only goes up to 8 mph!!

Half Man said...

9 minute miles = 6.7 mph.
7.5 minute miles = 8 mph.
I doubt I would ever outrun your treadmill.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

I hope it went well! And congrats on a new P.B.!

Sayre said...

So? How'd it go?

I have a little something for you over on my main blog.

Fitness blogger said...

The joys of a pb.


I wish that I could do that.Well done.