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Saturday, September 27, 2008

14 Miles

Yesterday, I ran 14 miles. I have this bandoleer thingy which holds 4 water bottles plus a pouch to hold my cell phone, gu packs, and facial tissue. I purchased some gu packs for my triathlon only to discover that I can't stand them. gu packs or gel packs are these little packets of syrupy, sweet, gelatinous gunk designed to give endurance athletes a boost of fast digesting carbs. I find them gross. I discovered that I like Sports Beans much better. I have yet to test out the Sports Blocks, but since I don't like gummies, I am in no hurry. Anyhow, since I had some left over, and being as cheap as I am, I wanted to use these things up, so I packed up 2 of them. I missed lunch and my afternoon snack because I get very uncomfortable with food in my stomach when I run long distances. So in addition to the gu, I filled 3 bottle with Gatorade for the extra calories while running. 1 bottle I filled with plain water.

My run started off goofy. I forgot to start my watch, so I had to back track in order to get the right distance figured. I found myself running slow. I am not sure if it was psychological because I knew the run would be long or if it was the result of over training and stress. My wife came down with pneumonia again (2nd time this year), so I had a lot of extra to do around the house. I am not complaining about it, but it was added stress. I had been coming down with the some of the symptoms of over-training. However, my in-laws had come over to help and it would be about the only chance to do my long run according to my training schedule, so I went anyhow. Regardless, I was puttering along.

It was a bit hot and humid, so I started on the Gatorade after 15 min. and took a sip every 15 min. thereafter. At an hour, I forced down my 1st gu pack, followed by some water. At 1:45, I reluctantly, consumed the other one, followed by some water. These stupid gu packs were messy, so I had to use some water to rinse my hands each time.

At this point, the last thing I wanted was something sweet. I wanted water, water, and more water. But dummy me, had only 1/2 bottle of water left and I didn't want to use it up so soon. So I continued to drink the Gatorade and kept reminding myself that it would hydrate me better than straight water. By 2:15, my stomach was churning and the thought of anything sweet left me nauseous. However, I knew that I needed to keep drinking the Gatorade. I did have a few sips of water, but I wanted to save the last of it for near the end.

There was a couple of times I thought I would barf, but I didn't. By the time I hit 14 miles, I was miserable. 2 hours and 38 minutes had passed by since I started. I hobbled another quarter mile back to my house where I drank 2 cups of water and collapsed on the couch. My stomach was in knots, my legs hurt, my hips were sore, my feet were swollen, and I felt terrible. After about an hour, I started feeling better.

I lost about 7 lbs on the run. That's a lot of water loss. I didn't drink anything right before I ran because doing so makes me need to pee on my run. Looking back, I did not drink very much on the run. Each of the bottles carries 8 oz. of liquid. All together I drank about 14 oz of Gatorade. I was having a hard time drinking the vile liquid so I had about 2 oz. left in one bottle and one bottle untouched. I am guessing I had 5-6 oz. of water accounting for the two times I poured water on my hands to get rid of the gu stickiness and the one time squirted some water on my face. That means that I consumed at the most, 20 oz. of liquid. After I returned, I drank 2 glasses (12 oz.) of water totaling 44 oz. which is about 2.75 lbs of water. Still I weighed 112 oz. less than when I started. I am convinced that I felt so bad and the run was so miserable was because I became dehydrated. After a few hours, my muscles felt better, I was no longer nauseous, and I felt pretty good.

I need to rethink my hydration issues before my next long run in 2 weeks and the half-marathon in 4 weeks. That all being said and done, I am pleased that I was able to run 14 miles. Imagine what it would have been like if I was properly hydrated and nourished. 14 miles is a new record for me and shows me that I can finish a 1/2 marathon which is 13.1 miles. 14 miles! Wow! I get a little choked up when I consider where I was 19 months ago. I never imagined that I would go from a 380 lb. blob to completing a triathlon and training for a half-marathon. It's funny how hopeless things seemed at the other end of the spectrum. All I can do is thank God and keep going.

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Sayre said...

I'm guessing that you will find your next 14-mile run much different. Try hydrating the night before so that your muscles are well hydrated BEFORE you run and you can empty your bladder as much as you can before you start running. And pack more water/less Gatorade. I can't speak to the nutrition stuff, but I have to agree that gu is gross. I used to carry Nutragrains with me when I was a serious bike rider. THey helped keep me from bonking. Perhaps in combination with some water those would work.

Congratulations on the run!!! I am terribly impressed!

cmae said...


And about the dehydration, live and learn.


Fat Lazy Guy said...

Dang. A half marathon! That's crazy! Congrats on kicking another fitness milestone. Are you aiming to do a full marathon?

Yeldarb said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the new record run. AMAZING what a body can do when determination is involved. Sorry you felt bad during your run but there is no doubt you were dehydrated. BUT WOW, keep it up, you are an insparation to others - THANK YOU...

john - from fat to fit said...

wow, that's amazing. I can't imagine running 14 miles. I really need to get myself back into it so I can try, hard to get there when you aren't training!

Spider63 said...

Wow, you are pretty f*n incredible.

"The Captain" said... is back on track. Good job on getting under a 30 bmi.

Fitness blogger said...

The next time that you are planning a long run like that, you should drink a lot of water the night before, and that morning. 14 miles is a great run, and you were running fast enough as well. Great stuff

Runner said...

That is great going, 14 miles is over a half marathon.Wow

Saint patrick said...

Once you can race 14 miles, you can quickly build up to the marathon.