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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wine Tasting

My wife and I were invited to a wine tasting event. We have never been to one, nor are we connoisseurs. The theme for the night was Sauvignon Blanc. We learned to smell the wine and look for the different "noses." I could actually smell the difference between some. Some I couldn't. I learned to taste the differences. Again, some I could and some I couldn't. It taught me that I actually like white wine when I find the right one. My favorites were the French and New Zealand wines. We bought a bottle of the New Zealand wine called Babich.

I could never afford to collect wines and drink anything too fancy. Wine does have some healthful benefits, but should still be used in moderation. I have to admit, we only had a sip of the wines, but after 20 sips, that's quite a bit. Yoohoo! I had too much last night, not that I was dancing on the tables or anything crazy. All and all, we had a great time. Apparently, this is a once a month thing. As long we can find babysitters, we will be back.

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Fat Lazy Guy said...

Woo hoo, New Zealand wine :D

Dottie said...

I've not liked any wine I've ever tasted...but it does sounds like fun. It'd take me many sips less than 20 to feel woo hoo ish :)