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Monday, May 5, 2008

Week 66 Weigh-In

Last Week's Weight: 253.4 lbs.
Today's Weight: 252.6 lbs. (-0.8)
Total Lost: 127.4 lbs.

Fat Ratio: 23.9%
Lean Mass: 192.2 lbs.
Fat Mass: 60.4 lbs.
Waist: 48 inches

That is a nice modest loss.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that there was going to be a triathlon in my town this fall. I have been thinking it through and reading a bit about triathlon training. First of all, there are basically four levels of triathlons. Most people are familiar with the Iron Man Triathlon which is crazy long. The last leg of it is a marathon. The next tier is a half-iron man or 70.3 Iron man which ends with a half marathon. Next is the Olympic triathlon with the final part a 10k run. Finally, there is a sprint triathlon which ends with a 5k run. The one in my town will include both a half iron man and a sprint.

My thoughts are that if I do this, I would do the sprint. I have been running and biking, so I am not too worried about those...not that I am fast or anything. What I am worried about is the swimming part. I am not afraid of open water and I know how to swim...sort of. I can get from one place to another in the water, but I cannot swim like people who swim laps swim. I have never had any training. From what I have been reading, learning the proper technique is the key. I figure unless I learn how to swim the proper way, I will not enter the triathlon.

So, I have been looking into finding lessons in my area. The only decent pool is at the high school in the next town...about a 30 minute drive. Whoever it is that coordinates the community ed. did not seem to be too knowledgeable about the swimming lessons they offer. We want to get the kids swimming lessons too. Anyhow, I found out that one of the guys in my band was a Navy Seal and coaches the swim team at that high school.

Yesterday during our rehearsal break, I talked to him about learning to swim. He told me that he doesn't teach the swimming anymore, only the diving, but that the swim coach was really good. He suggested that I go to the high school team practices. He said they weight lift for 45 minutes and then swim drills for 45 minutes. He told me that some other adult did this last summer. So, I got the coaches name and contact information. I will be calling him this week.

Sounds great! Right!??? Well, I am terrified. I am not afraid of swimming. I am not afraid of learning how to swim. I am a little intimidated about practicing with the swim team, but that's not it either. What scares me is wearing the swim suit. To swim proper you need to wear a Speedo type swim suit. They don't have to be super skimpy or anything, but they are spandex or lycra or whatever. They cling tight to your body. My body is not the type you want to see in spandex.

Admittedly, I have running tights and bike shorts that do the same thing. However, I can wear a shirt which covers the bulbous protrusion which is my belly. With the swim suit, there will be no such covering. I guess I will be fine once I am in the pool, but who knows how much time there will be out of the pool, standing there for instruction or waiting for a lane to open.

I know it's a vanity issue. I know that my belly will be getting smaller. I know that I can't let this vanity issue keep me from doing this, but I feel sick just thinking about it. Oh well, I guess this is price I must pay for letting myself get obese in the first place. I guess I will just swallow my pride and suffer the embarrassment. Now, to see if they even make a swim suit in my size. I feel sorry for anyone who sees me...shudder!

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."--Theodore Roosevelt

Living Fit Is My #1 Job!


Yeldarb said...

You can do it... You're not swimming to make a record time or anything you can find simple shorts type swim trunks and skip the "speedo" type if you want. Whatever you decide to do just remember the glass is always Half FULL. Heck, if you do decide to wear a "speedo" do it because you want to and not because you think you have to. What's the worst that can possibly happen, someone might think you are FAT. So what, you've probably heard that onece or twice in you life. I've often used this response to someone thinking I was FAT.

"I may be fat but you're ugly and I can always diet."

Have a great day...


Sayre said...

Finally - a man who seems to understand the fear that goes into bathing suit season - because it's exactly the same for women. I never wear a suit anywhere but in my backyard. I just don't feel comfortable. Not to mention that in addition to being overweight, I am pale, pale, pale. My skin is very fair, so I don't spend any more time in the sun than i have to.

You should get some shorts/trunks. It's not like you're going to actually be on THEIR swim team. I think the coach would understand.

cmae said...

Sayre is so right - swimsuit season is awful for women. Why can't manufacturers make loose, attractive bathing attire for women as they do loose swim trunks for men? Why do women have to show off every lump and dimple while men get to cover up?

ArleneWKW said...

I can see the swim suit issue as a major hurdle, especially since the folks around you are likely to be pretty buff. If you go ahead with it, you have a hell of a lot more courage than I've ever had. Re. Speedo vs. shorts/trunks, the latter will slow you down. If you can gear yourself up for it, the Speedo is probably preferable, though a longer length version would probably work as well.

word2yomutha said...

Thank you for talking about swimsuit anxiety - as the others have said its just uncomfortable, but you're going to be wearing a speedo as part of a process to better yourself, so wear it with pride and know how hard you've worked to get to the point where you're training for a triathalon - thats very, very impressive!! ...with that said I've read your blog a few times but am a first time commenter so I just wanted to stop by and commend you for all the iron man business because thats serious stuff =)

"The Captain" said...

Thanks for keeping track of the 4th of July Challenge. Everyone is this challenge is going to be a "Loser"

Sayre said...

Thanks for adding me in, Half-Man! I probably won't lose as much as you guys, but it's just the spur I need to get myself back to working out. The diet part is fine (as you can see from the 23 lbs I've lost since February), but I definitely need to get more exercise into the mix!

Do we report on MOndays?

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Hey mate, I remembered you talking about losing fat and building muscle. Well, I found this article. I'm not sure if it will help you, but it was some interesting reading.

Sheri said...

Hey Halfman! With all the excitement about bathing suits and triathalons you forgot to move your upcoming goal "lose 1/3 my original weight" into the acheived milestones. Way to go! You are such an inspiration to be healthy and wise. (the wealthy part can be a burden of other men).

"The Captain" said...

Remember Spidey is in the challenge also.

Half Man said...

Thank you for all your comments, especially you first time posters here. I didn't get in touch with the swim coach yet, but I will this week.

Captain-- I didn't know Spidey was in on this challenge. He never mentioned anything to me.