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Monday, May 19, 2008

Week 68 Weigh-In and Lots More

Last Week's Weight: 251.8 lbs.
Today's Weight: 249.8 lbs. (-2.0)
Total Lost: 130.2 lbs.

Fat Ratio: 23.1%
Lean Mass: 192.1 lbs.
Fat Mass: 57.7 lbs.
Waist: 47.5 inches

I finally dipped under 250 lbs. I know I have been struggling with the whole number on a scale vs. fitness issue, but dang it feels great to get to this milestone. Certainly, my weight is a factor in the Big Picture of my total fitness. Mostly, it's a vanity thing. Not that I have arrived; not that I am at a healthy weight; not that it's time to quite my healthy lifestyle. It's simply one of those numbers I thought that I might never reach again. It's far from time to quit. It's a shot in the arm, letting me know how much I am capable of. I WILL reach a healthy weight, NOT by obsessing about my weight. I will do it by focusing on my fitness.

Speaking of fitness. I ran 9 miles on Saturday. That is a new record for me. It was a harsh run. I am not sure exactly what the problem was, but in the end I finished it. I am glad I did it. It really wiped me out.

Speaking of fitness again, I went to my first swim training session today. I did not have to wear a speedo although the trunks I wore bore the Speedo logo. I was not swimming wiht the high school swim team, but about 5 high school girls who just started training last week. Surprisingly, the coach took a lot of time to help me.

I was just awful. I can't swim with a hill of beans. The most difficult thing so far is getting the breathing down. I think that I am actually holding my breath even though I am exhaling underwater. I am sure that it will get better as I practice. For this first practice, I felt awkward and clumsy, but that was to be expected.

Finally, as you can see, I changed the look of my website. I lost some stuff in the translation. It was a pain in the butt to change and took way too much time. So if you hate it, don't tell me. I wanted to change it in celebration of breaking 250. speaking of which, that is my next 10 lb. marker. My tradition is to post my sagging belly every 10 lb. mark I reach. I hope you are not squeemish!

"Happiness does not consist in pastimes and amusements but in virtuous activities."--Aristotle

Living Fit Is My #1 Job!


"The Captain" said...

Good job on breaking into the 240's!!!

Sayre said...

Good for you, Half-Man!!! I decided not to weigh this week. I am water-loading for some bloodwork tomorrow and feel a bit like a waterballoon. I normally drink a lot of water anyway, but they have such a hard time getting to my veins that they make me drink excessive amounts of water the two days before testing. Sigh. Anyway, I should be back to normal next week.

I like your new look. Very vibrant! Energetic!

DOes the saggy belly thing go away after a while? Mine is doing that now that there's not as much fat holding it out. I keep envisioning my belly looking like the flap in "Click" and needing surgery. I hope not!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Dude, that's awesome! You're at about 113 kgs, which is under 120 kgs, which is a huge number for me.

I think the whole thing with the fitness vs scale thing is not to let the bad days on the scale affect the good work you're doing. But that's not to say you shouldn't celebrate milestones on the scale as well.

I'm sure you'll work out the swimming eventually.

I really like the new look, man!

cmae said...


Thanks for the great comment on my blog the other day. I really appreciate your input! I can't wait until I can run nine miles straight!

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Oh man, I totally forgot to mention that those pictures were awesome! Your chest and stomach are looking a lot flatter. Seriously, go take a look back to your beginning photos, and wow is that a huge difference!

Half Man said...

Captain- Thanks

Sayre- Whenever you are ready to post a weight is fine with me. As far as the saggy belly thing goes, I don't know. I know there are operations, but I would prefer not. My plan is to get down to 15% body fat and maintain that for a year. After that, I hope that I will be happy with however I look.

FLG - Thanks. I know their is a huge difference in the pictures. When I get some more time, I plan to do some sort of side by side comparisons.

cmae - I'm glad you found the comments helpful. I am no expert. I am just passing along some things I have learned.

Dottie said...

You can definitely see a difference! You have done awesome. And - 9 miles! You ran 9 miles! Holy crap, I can't wait until I can say I ran period.. I hate knee pain. I hate fat. I hate being fat. I guess that's why I'm trying to find the thin within! Have a great night!

Nona said...

Wow!!! I don't know what to comment on first.

The website is HOTTTTT!!! Which is in keeping with your new milestone. Congratulations!!! Great achievement. I can see a great difference in your photos, especially the side view. I hope you're feeling really great inside cause you deserve to.

After I injured my knee from years of running and not stretching properly, my doctor suggested I swim. I got a lovely coach to help me clean up my strokes and she sure did sorted me out. My front crawl is especially great - as smooth as butter and I can even flip when I get to the wall which I really love doing, but even though I love swimming it just never replaced running in my heart and I hated the bother of going all the way to the pool ...yadda yadda ya ;P With your motivation though I'm sure you'll love it and not be deterred.

Yeldarb said...

Hey, the site looks Great... Way to go on the weight loss front, keep it up. 9 Miles is INSANE, you should be very proud of your running accomplishments, not many of us "larger folks" could run 2 miles let alone 9. You inspire me - thank you...

Amy said...

You look great! Keep up the good work and don't get TOO skinny. ;)