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Monday, April 7, 2008

Week 62--I'M BACK!!!!

Today's Weight: 257.4 lbs.
Total Lost: 122.6 lbs.

Fat Ratio: 24.9%
Lean Mass: 193.3 lbs.
Fat Mass: 64.1 lbs.
Waist: 49 inches

Too much to blog about for just one post, but I do want to thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts, and prayers. My wife is doing much better. Everyone in the house seems to be healthy (knock on wood). However, last Sunday I had to take my dad to the emergency room. After 5 hours, they finally had him admitted into a room with pneumonia. Currently, he is in a nursing home for rehab as his previously unsteady legs are much worse. I think they will say he needs a walker when all is said and done. I think that is a good thing...if only he uses it. Anyhow, he is on the mend as well.

As far as weight goes, I have come out pretty much even with where I was 4 weeks ago. I am okay with that. I kept up my weight training and running when my health came back, but I did not eat healthy (more about this in an upcoming post). I am back on track now. In fact, I started following a guide from Muscle and Fitness Magazine so as to incorporate whey protein. I figured using this guide would help me understand the right way to use whey. It's only been a week, so I am not sure how it's working. I was able to a lot more this last week in weight training, but I don't know if that has to do with the whey or just from getting back to healthy. I will keep you updated.

Now for my BIG NEWS, my daughter and I ran in another race this past Saturday. She did the kid's marathon. They had to log 25 miles prior to race day. Then they ran a 1.2 mile fun run. There was not official time kept, but I ran beside her I kept track. She improved her pace time over the last race. I am quite proud of her.

I am also quite proud of myself. I reached another fitness goal of mine (see left column) by running a 10k race. The last race I ran was 8k and my pace time 10:36. Since my 1st race back in October, my goal has been to run 10 min miles. That first race was over 11 minute miles. My run on the Thursday before the race gave me hope. I ran 10:27 pace. The reason this gave me hope is that you run faster as a race. The excitement, the adrenaline, and other runners all make a big difference in helping you to run faster.

I held back a bit during the first part of the race. I wanted to run at a comfortable pace so that I would have energy at the end. I was pretty close to keeping a 10 min. pace. When I hit the half-way mark, the time read 30:10. This was close, but no cigar. We had run down hill some, and the finish line was back at the start line so I knew I there was some uphill before the end. My plan was to try to increase my pace after mile 4. I do this by picking out a runner ahead of me and try to pass that runner by the next mile mark.

I picked the wrong runner, sort of. She was increasing her pace as well. She was passing people that I would then pass. She seemed to maintain the same distance ahead of me through that fourth mile. At mile five, I told myself that I need to at least keep pace with her.

The fifth mile did have some uphill, but not nearly as bad as I though they would be. I still slowed down, because I didn't want to waste too much energy with the hill. I was still winded when I got to the top and afraid I wouldn't recover, but I did. Then to my surprise, there were a couple of small down hills during this mile as well. I just let gravity and inertia carry me quickly down this dips. I passed quite a few people doing that. Without realizing it, I passed the girl I had marked since mile 4.

I really wanted to finish with a 10 min pace or better. Somewhere along the run, I got the crazy notion that I would like to finish the race in under an hour. A 10 minute pace would have put me at 62 minutes at the end of 10k. That would be quite a bit faster than the 10 min pace I was looking for. At 257 lbs., I think the 10 min. pace would be pretty darned good. Oh sorry, back to the race.

During this last mile, another girl passed me. She was quite determined and looked quite serious. I wanted to pass her by the end. I tried. I could see the finish line quite a ways off. In the excitement of seeing the end, I poured on the gas a little too soon. I started sprinted (as much as a fat guy can), but couldn't maintain the speed too well. None the less I stuck it out and poured everything I had left into getting across the finish line quickly. I almost caught her. I didn't care. I saw my time.

I don't know why I get so emotional at these races, but I was weeping at the finish line. I was actually quite happy. I reached my goal of a 10 minute that's not true. I crushed my goal. My pace was 9:37!!!!!! I shave almost an entire minute off my previous race pace. AND Dat dat dat daaaa, my race time was 59:42. I finished under an hour. I am so excited and happy. That was a good day and a great accomplishment.

My next goal is to get to a 10 minute pace during my day to day running. Also, I see that there is going to be a triathlon in my town next fall. I am seriously thinking about entering this, but very nervous about it too. I need a few weeks to think it through.

"Veni, vidi, vici"-- Julius Caesar

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Sayre said...

Welcome back! I'm glad everyone is feeling better. That was a tough haul for you. I hope your dad isn't as stubborn as my FIL - he won't use his walker either...

Wow! I am blown away by you and your daughter's racing accumen. You both are becoming quite the runners! Congratulations on SHATTERING your 10 minute pace goal!

Kim Ayres said...

Good to see you back, and with a list of achievments under your belt too!

fitness supplements said...

That's quite the story, and quite the accomplishment! I'd love to do a 5k or something this year. My wife and I were going to do one last year but she got pregnant! Now that she's had the baby and is recovering maybe we'll try for one this year.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Mate, good to finally hear from you again :)

Dude, that is crazy what you did there man. Congratulations to both you and your daughter. 10 miles under 10 minutes each? And breaking an hour?! Dude, talk about kicking butt.

Twix said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear everyone is doing well! Congrats to your daughter and to you!! What wonderful news to share! :D Way to go on the 9:37...wooohooo!!!

Half Man said...

Thank you all. Just to be clear, I ran 10k (6.2 miles), not 10 miles. but now that 10 miles was mentioned, there is a 10 mile run in August I was thinking about entering.

cmae said...


Spider63 said...

You are a very amazing person, I really enjoyed reading this post!

Pittya said...

Hey..good to have you back! This is the time I'm commenting here, but I was wondering where you'd gone off to after I dint get any post from your blog in the Reader for quite a few days..Missed your writing!

Anyways, great post describing the was enjoyable reading! Keep it up!

Nona said...

This is just FANTASTIC!!! Well done!!!