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Monday, March 3, 2008

Weeks 56-57 Weigh-Ins

February 25, 2008
Weight: 257.8 lbs.
Today's Weight: 258.8 lbs. (+1.0)
Total Lost: 121.2 lbs.

March 3, 2008
Weight: 258.8 lbs.
Today's Weight: 252.8 lbs. (-6.0)
Total Lost: 127.2 lbs.

This weight loss is due to sickness (see previous post). I should gain some of this weight back by next weigh-in. This stupid sinus thing is really throwing me for a loop after the stomach virus. I was hoping to be back to my regular routine by now, but no dice. I woke up this morning and coughed almost non-stop for an hour. Anyhow, I have to get some work done today. I am soooo far behind.

"All misfortune is but a stepping stone to fortune." -- Henry David Thoreau

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Kim Ayres said...

Hope things get better soon

cmae said...

I had a persistent cough like yours a few weeks ago. I hope you and your fam feel better soon.

Christopher Maples said...

nice loss. hopefully most of it will stay off.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Hope you get over this thing soon. Get better.

Yeldarb said...

Hope your better soon.

BryGuy said...

I feel for ya. Seems to be going around. Get well soon.