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Monday, August 6, 2007

Week 27 Weigh-In

It had to happen eventually. I weighed 301.8 lbs. this morning which is up 0.8 lbs. since last week. This reduces my total weight loss to 78.2 lbs. My fat body fat stayed the same at 32.1% giving me 96.9 lbs. (+0.3) of fat and 204.9 lbs. (+0.5) of lean mass. My waist was 54.5 inches.

It was interesting after last Monday, I weighed under 300 every day. After 6 days of coming in around 297-298, I shot up this morning to 301.8. It's irritating, but I am not down about it. I am not going to make any excuses or rationalize the scale number. It is what it is. I am not going to second guess myself. I am just going to go forward.

In spite of the scale number, a few very nice things happened this week. Since, I began jogging, my bike riding has improved. I have to work harder in order to get my heart rate up which is a nice sign of my improving cardiovascular health.

In addition, I picked up the book recommended by Fit Club
called, "The Beginning Runner's Handbook." My oldest daughter (almost 8) told me she wanted to try it with me. Since the program has intermittent running and walking, I could run for the time, then walk back to her. This week with increased running time, I run for half the time in one direction, then back to her, then back the other way, then walk back to her. I know it sounds confusing, but I need to encourage her.

I discovered the reason she wants to do this with me is because, she has done so lousy at her track meets the last two years. Her school does a track meet with other schools once a year. Both times, she came in last. She doesn't want to do that anymore. She is very tall for her age and not too coordinated, despite being in dance classes for four years. It's very exciting for me to see her attempting to improve herself like this. I just hope that she does not get discouraged by the difference in our running speeds.

Anyhow, this running program was designed to train beginning runners to finish a 10k race after 13 weeks. I had no intention of planning to run a race when it was over, but by the end of last week, I decided to see if there were any races at the end of our 13 weeks. I found the Mackinaw Island Great Turtle Trail Run. It's 5.7 miles which is somewhere between 5 and 10 kilometers. Now, I am working toward that goal. My daughter wants to enter this race as well. I am going to wait and see how the training goes before I enter her.

Several people have told me that they have noticed my weight loss this week. It's strange. Now that people have finally started to notice, I don't care about that so much. It's nice to hear it, but I have realized that something has clicked in my brain. I am more concerned about increasing my fitness level than I am about hearing the comments. I am more stoked about entering the race and completing it than I am about the compliments. This was not the case a few weeks ago. Maybe it's a phase, but I hope not. That vanity stuff is so nebulous that I think it's more of a downer than it is an incentive.

Finally, I think my mood has improved some. I am feeling very good about my accomplishments, the new baby has lifted my spirits, and I am looking forward to the future. Career, dad, and brother are still uncertain factors, but for now, I am not obsessing too much. I do have my second interview coming up in a couple of weeks. I imagine I will get more uptight about that as the day approaches.

Hah! I was planning a short post. Oh well!

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Sayre said...

I need a Bowie soundtrack!!!! Thanks for the heads up on that book - I think I'll go looking for it. I want to run but really have no idea how to go about it (isn't that sad????).

Kim Ayres said...

I doubt it's just about her own running - my guess is your daughter loves the ida of having something she can do with her dad that's uniquely hers. As the family grows larger, less time is devoted to the older kids - by necessity they have to get on with things themselves, or help out. There's inevitably less time focused on them.

Getting time with dad on her own will be a rare and special thing.

Spidey said...

You have accomplished a lot, and you have a lot to be proud of. I appreciate your positive example. I feel that you have helped me to get back on track, thank you.

Fit Club Scott said...

1. Don't let the weight thing get you down. Losing weight is not a "linear" thing. If you plot out your loss, you'll see that sometimes you lose more weight than other times, and inexplicably when you think you should have lost lots of weight, you will lose none or even gain a bit. It's just part of the process.

2. 0.8 lbs is really not much. I weigh myself several times a week and I've seen my weight swing +/- 5 pounds in a single day. Obviously, I'm not gaining or losing that much fat in a day. It will vary based on hydration (mostly), when you last ate, when you last went to the bathroom, etc.

3. Great job on purchasing the book. I can't say enough about how effective it's been for me and others whom have used the program. One thing, though, it may take you longer than 13 weeks to complete the program. There are some tough weeks in the middle that even I, a pretty experienced runner, must do 2 or even 3 times before I feel ready to move on to the next week. Don't get discouraged by that...just make sure you're ready before you bump from one week to the next.

If you have any questions about the program or even about whether you should be feeling a certain way, please contact me. I'm passionate about running and enjoy helping others become runners.

div said...

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Fit Club Scott said...

One more You must get the proper shoes. Go to a running shoes store, preferably one with a treadmill where they can videotape you running in a variety of shoes.

Get the proper shoes matched to your gait. If you are a severe under or over-pronator, injury is almost certain without the proper shoes.

ArleneWKW said...

Changed priorities, what a cool sign. I think it's great that your goal has shifted more towards fitness and less to how other people react. Also, your attitude towards the play of numbers on the scale is a good one. As long as you make healthful decisions, the numbers on the scale will take care of themselves.

Christine said...

Not to worry on the weigh in. Your life has been a rollercoaster the last while - and I commend you for staying on track as best as you can.

The running program sounds great. I really would like to sign up for something like that too.

"The Captain" said...

Resistance training causes you to gain weight sometimes and it also slows the scales progress. However, it is really necessary for the long term for permanent fat loss. Gaining muscle and staying the same on fat levels isn't a bad thing. You have increased your metabolism.

WeeeSplat said...

Wow... running... Though I'm not keen on running (black eyes n all that) i applaud you for getting out there and GOING FOR IT!! That's wicked that your daughter not only wants to spend some quality time with you, but I'm guessing can see your fitness improving and maybe wants to keep you encouraged? I'm not sure how an 8year old's mind works.
Go you! :)

Half Man said...

Thanks for all your kind comments and tips. So far everything is going well this week. I continue to be amazed at how much my biking has improved by the jogging.

TrudyJ said...

Random stranger here who found your blog while web-surfing ... just want to say what an awesome accomplishment you have made and how proud you should be. Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Like the last poster, I randomly surfed onto here. Just wanted to say that I really admire the progress you have made. Nice work.

Lily T said...

I’m so glad that you are feeling better! And I love your attitude! The song is awesome.

That book you got sounds interesting. I’ll like to look into it.

Pandora Woman said...

Your post is so very inspiring, and why? I have been giving that some thought. I think because it is so natural, being healthy is you, your way of living, your being.

The "struggle" that we all start out with, is no longer that anymore. You have found your pace, your thing.

You welcome compliments, but they are not why you do this. I think too many of us wish to be accepted, and think that only happens when we are slim. Your post has not a hint of that feeling in it.

A great achievement, natural man!

As ever I will return to read again.