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Friday, August 24, 2007

Job Interview

I had my second interview for a new job in a new career. It went well and I am scheduled for my third and final interview in a few weeks.

Just a quick recap on my situation. My mother died last year from cancer. She had been my dad's primary care giver. He is suffering from the middle stages of Alzheimer's Disease. Basically, all of his responsibilities have landed on my shoulders. I have one brother in FL who can't take care of himself, yet alone anyone else. I have two brothers in MI. One will take dad for the day now and then, and lend a little help here and there for fixing up dad's house. BTW, he is single, no kids, and retired. The other brother has had very limited contact with dad, although he did take him up north for a week. Finally, I have one sister. She has taken dad for extended periods of time, but refuses to do much else. For example, she calls me up and tells me he is out of toothpaste!!! (Like I am supposed to make a three hour trip down there to buy him toothpaste!!!) Therefore, I have to make a three hour trip down 2-4 times a month in order to help put my dad's affairs in place, take him to doctor visits, and fix up the house. This has put a lot of stress on myself and my family. My current job requires 60+ hours a week. To say the least, my job is getting short circuited too.

The goal is to move my family into dad's house so that he can live out his remaining day's here (or until he needs to go into a nursing home). There very few openings in my current career near my dad's house. There is one possibility, but the process is slow and uncertain, so I am looking to change careers. I would prefer not to, but as the a great philosopher once wrote, "You can't always get what you want." I think I will get the job in the new career if I want it. It seems to be all a matter of timing right now. Grrr! I hate the waiting and uncertainty.

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Sayre said...

Your dad is lucky to have a son like you who is willing to make such changes to help him. I'm guessing you wife is willing to help too if you're all moving. The stress must be intense though. Make sure you have plenty of non-food stress relievers (your exercise program seems to have been quite a bonus to you in this area).

Christine said...

I work with Alzheimer's each and every day. It takes a special person to understand it and be patient with it.

You are such a busy family man - one more person won't hurt. :) You will be happy and frustrated each and everyday with your decision. I take my hat off to you for making this a goal for yourself. Wishing you the best with your dad.

Kim Ayres said...

That's a lot of shit you're having to deal with. My thoughts are with you

Spidey said...

What is your old job and your new job? It is not as if we are all going to apply there or move into your neighborhood. I presume that you are not working for the CIA or KGB?

Half Man said...

Spider, you presume a lot...but you are right I don't work for either. I am sorry to be evasive, but I would rather not mention what my current profession is. I may switch to selling financial products for a Fortune 500 Company. I would sell things like life insurance, annuities, and mutual funds. If you can make it in this field, there is a great earning potential, but only about 15% make it. If I put my heart into, I know that I could make it.